Joan Koskela's movements/location

Workshops and Training
Children’s Resilience Resources
Where Dates
  Counselling from Caravan/Office Samford 1st to 20th June 
  Living Wisdom School Cairns   24th June to 6th July 
  Counselling from Caravan/Office             Samford 8th July to 20th July                     
  Counselling  by phone/ckype South Aust. 2nd July to 1st August    
  Counselling fron Caravan/Office     Samford 2nd August to 5th October 
  Living Wisdom School Perth 7th to 25th October
  Counselling from Caravan/Office     Samford 28th October to 18th November
  Living Wisdom Annual Conference Nelson     19th to 26th November    
  Counselling by Phone/Skype NZ 27th November to 3rd December    
  Counselling from Caravan/Office Samford 5th to 20th December